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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Release Date and New Gameplay Revealed

Roll for initiative, suckas!

by Elliott Gatica


As we all knew from Summer Game Fest, Gearbox and 2K Games are releasing a Borderlands spinoff title named Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Not much was really known other than it was going to be a looter shooter starring the bomb-crazy, fan-favorite Tiny Tina.

We knew there’d be spells, guns, customizable classes, and lots of whimsical, wacky fun in a Dungeons and Dragons world portrayed through the wild mind of Tina. In Sony’s latest PlayStation Showcase, a lot was unveiled in such an action-packed trailer as well as a release date.

The gameplay, first and foremost, looks undoubtedly similar to that of Borderlands 3. The cel-shaded models and animations, even up to how the guns look, seem like they are right out of Borderlands 3, just with more flare.

What was different was that there were bows and crossbows as additional weapons to use in this game. This new trailer also did show off how the spells seem to work along with the dedicated melee weapons like hammers and hatchets. They are looking just as, if not more badass than what Borderlands 3 offered.

In just these two minutes, it’s pretty clear what the game is going for, and it’s just to maintain the great Borderlands experience but with a whimsical coat of paint. For people who have played Borderlands 2, this looks like the critically acclaimed expansion Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, but turned up to 11.

Staying really true to Gearbox and 2K games, Wonderlands is going to uphold the greatness of showering players in never-ending loot. It’ll also seem like players will be able to customize their characters to great levels of power to take on all sorts of foes.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is set to release on March 25 , 2022 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. Talks of crossplay are still unknown at this time. Stay tuned to find out more updates regarding Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands by clicking here.

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