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Titanfall Beta invites hit a snag, more on the way

by William Schwartz


If you didn’t receive your invite to the Titanfall Beta, you’re not alone.  Apparently, Respawn and EA hit a snag when they started dispersing the codes last night, mixing up Xbox One and PC invites for testers.  According to Vince Zampella, the invite sending process was halted to fix the error, but invites are on the way.

According to a rash of tweets from the Respawn Entertainment head, “There should be a lot of keys going out today, assuming all this bubblegum and duct tape holds.”  Zampella added, “There will be more codes released in the coming days.  The number really depends on how many problems we find.”

Respawn is hoping to make the Xbox One and PC launch experience as smooth as possible in this apparent stress test for the shooter.  Jon Shiring a programmer at Respawn has headed to Redmond Washington, home of Microsoft, to watch the Titanfall beta first hand.

Hopefully, this will be a smooth launch compared to some of the recent debacles from EA (cough Battlefield 4).

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