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Titanfall beta sign-ups tomorrow?

| February 10, 2014

Titanfall beta sign-ups tomorrow? News Xbox  Titanfall

The Titanfall beta is closing in, and there will at least be some news about it shortly. Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella recently took to Twitter to reveal that the developers were still making “good progress”, and that there “Should be beta news tomorrow”.

Furthmore, Zampella relayed “There will be signups,” so those wondering on how you can get access to the Titanfall beta, it looks like there will be a registration similar to what we saw in the Alpha Testing phase.

It will likely be on a much larger scale though. And Respawn hopes to get as many players as possible into the beta. Zampella added in an accompanying tweet, “If it were up to me I would let most of you in (always a few bad apples). Sadly, we have restrictions that we couldn’t avoid.”

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  • Ian Williams

    Roll on. Sorry phony paupers, no beta for you.

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