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New Titanfall Features Leaked


A user over on Reddit has shared information that he claims originates from an anonymous ‘reliable source’, detailing a host of new features for the eagerly anticipated launch of Titanfall.

The user asserted that the information was legitimate, adding a disclaimer-like note on top of the post in an attempt to avoid any repercussions that might occur if EA or Respawn Entertainment were to come across it. The leaked information reads as follows –

  • PILOT HUNTER Kill the enemy team’s Pilots to reach the score limit and win—one point is awarded for each Pilot killed. Although killing Grunts and Spectres in this mode will not earn points towards your team’s score, doing so will still give you build time reductions on your replacement Titans and Titan Core Ability.
  • TURRETS Heavy turrets are designed for killing everything—including Titans. When used out in the field, they are often braced into position in urban environments atop buildings, and have a considerable range of motion and excellent target tracking systems. Multiple Titans are usually required to disable a single heavy turret by focusing their fire on it. They operate autonomously and, in most cases, can be “flipped” (to fight for the other team) when a nearby console is compromised, often with a Data Knife.
  • GENERATIONS Thanks to RazorUK we basically know a ton about Generations already, I’ll spare the details. But I was given this screenshot of what “Regenerating” actually looks like.
  • ZIPLINES Ziplines travel both ways, up and down. They’re especially helpful in CTF matches and escaping areas quickly. You can attach to it from either end or even while in midair (assuming you’re close enough.) You hold the reload button to latch on and ride.

Adding to this, the user then talked about the campaign –

”Without spoiling any story details, there are 9 campaign matches, and you can play from each side, IMC and Militia. The matches consist of 5 Attrition & 4 Hardpoint games. Picking each side results in different pre-match briefings and chatter during the battles. There are some surprises which will keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience”.

It seemed only a matter of time before information of this nature came to light, what with the release barely more than a week away. With the beta intentionally restricting access to game features, it is reassuring to know that the developers have a lot more up their sleeve than what has been shown so far. If the leaked map information revealed via beta code is anything to go by, then it seems that the multiplayer campaign will indeed be a fresh experience time after time, rather than stagnating as some fear it might.


Demonstrated in the image above, the ‘Generations’ level system seems to be a carbon copy of the Call of Duty Prestige model. you have the option to go to the next ‘generation’ which means an increase in XP for each game, at the loss of your weaponry. Features such as the ziplines and hackable turrets also make for interesting reading, though it should be remembered that these are expected to be just some of the new features which will make an appearance in the full game.

Do you find this leaked information to be exciting? Maybe you don’t believe it is strictly true? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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