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Toby Fox Answers Some Questions About Deltarune

So now we play the waiting game.

by Dylan Siegler


Undertale creator Toby Fox released a new game a couple of days ago called Deltarune. This new game seemed to come out of nowhere, and though the game is great, it has left many fans with more questions than answers about the game itself and how it relates to Undertale. Luckily, Fox had anticipated this and prepared some answers in advance for questions he figured fans would have.

On October 4, Fox wrote out a document with questions he imagined fans would have about Deltarune before answering them. However, he only made this document public recently. For one thing, Fox addressed where in the Undertale timeline this new game takes place and if it’s a sequel or a prequel or what. To this, he stated that, though there are obvious parallels, the world of Deltarune is a different one from Undertale, and that these are not the same characters, strictly speaking, as the ones you interacted with in the first game. So it’s not really a sequel or a prequel, but rather “just a game you can play after you complete UNDERTALE, if you want to.”

Fox also explains that, despite the fact that he seemed to have released the first Chapter of Deltarune on its own, this new game will not be released episodically. Rather, the first Chapter we got is more of a demo for Fox to test the waters before finishing the full game. He then goes on to explain that he plans to release all Chapters of the game at once after they’ve all been completely developed, rather than releasing them Chapter by Chapter. He also states that it may be a long time before this happens, since developing Deltarune has been more complicated than developing Undertale so far, due to things like more complicated animations and a more fleshed-out combat system. For perspective, Fox explains that while it took him a few months to create the demo for Undertale, it took him a few years to make the demo for Deltarune. Due to how much larger of a workload this new project entails, Fox is looking to put together a development team, rather than making the whole game by himself with just a little help here and there, as was the case with Undertale. He also states that he will be reaching out to people he is interested in working with, rather than receiving a flood of job applications from fans.

Fox also explains that, unlike Undertale, there won’t be multiple endings in Deltarune, despite the fact that you still have the option to Fight or Spare enemies, and that the new game’s story will take on a more linear structure as compared to the large web of choices offered by Undertale. On a similar note, he states that he is not trying to re-create Undertale with this new game and that he knows he’ll never be able to make something again that makes people feel the way they felt about Undertale, so instead he is going to “make something else.” Fox also mentions that development for the rest of the game beyond the first Chapter is at 0%. He then goes on to clarify that he has the script for the game written and has been working on the soundtrack, but as far as art, programming, and everything else, he has nothing done beyond Chapter 1, so fans shouldn’t expect the full game for a while.

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