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Toy Soldiers War Chest Army Focus Trailer

by Danny Vittore


We’ve been keeping an eye out for Toy Soldiers War Chest news for a while now, Ubisoft appears to be pumping out short informative trailers every week, thus if you want to keep yourself up to date be sure to look for our analyses of the trailers which will bring you not only the trailer, but every single bit of information that can be gleaned from the videos. On to the trailer!

As Toy Soldiers War Chest goes, this has been one of the least explicitly informative ones released so far. However, there is still information that can be taken away. Most notable is the fact that each of the four armies will only have one hero unit. However, each hero will have access to a vehicle such as the tank for Kaiser and the flying Pegasus/unicorn for Starbright.

In terms of your turrets, each army will have access to four types of turrets: Anti-infantry, anti-armor, anti-air and long-range artillery. Each turret will have their health (yes, health, because remember, your turrets can be killed by the enemy!), range and damage upgrade-able as separate, distinct, upgrades so that you can better fine-tune your play-style.

In Toy Soldiers War Chest, the hero units will have their stats and weapons loadout made fully customizable, in lieu of multiple different heroes for each army, so that although it may be the same base Kaiser for everyone, it will be your own Kaiser with more health, more damage or better infantry killing prowess.

Toy Soldiers War Chest is slated for release sometime in early 2015 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

What are your thoughts on Toy Soldiers War Chest? Let us know in the comments below?

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