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Take Two trademarks “City Stories”, a possible GTA V DLC title


When it comes to DLC and expanding on a winning franchise, Rockstar has got the moves. The GTA IV DLC packs The Ballad of Gay Tony and Lost and Damned were both outstanding, and Chinatown Wars for the DS was equally great. Outside of the GTA realm, Undead Nightmare was an insane extension of the brilliance laid down in Red Dead Redemption.

Now, Rockstar parent company Take Two has filed a trademark for the name “City Stories.” Fans of the GTA franchise will recognize that term immediately as the title to the follow ups to Grand Theft Auto 3  and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which were respectively called Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. This could easily just be Take Two covering their legal bases and making sure they have the rights to the “City Stories” name for future use.

Or maybe not.

According to the International Business Times, the upcoming GTA story-based DLC pack could be called GTA City Stories and feature Carl Johnson, the protagonist if GTA: San Andreas. It may connect the dots between San Andreas and GTA V as well as connecting the dots between Franklin from GTA V and Carl. Take that for what it’s worth as it’s based on a lot of “news” from what IBT describes as “tipsters.”

Regardless, GTA V DLC is coming and name “City Stories” is being trademarked. How everything is connected from there will be fun watch come into focus, if there is any connection at all.

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