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Treyarch teasing something big for Zombies mode in Black Ops 2 DLC

by William Schwartz


Treyarch has got Black Ops 2 Zombies fans chomping at the bit to find out what’s in store for DLC 4.   After teasing some things that appeared to be from previous Zombies modes in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops, it looks like we’ll be hearing exactly what they have in store later today.

Treyarch teased fans saying that “Every story has a beginning and an end.”

Speculation is all over the place as to what this might mean for Black Ops 2 Zombies mode in DLC 4.  We could see the return of the original four zombie killers, which some speculate could be playable on all zombies maps in the game.  Perhaps Treyarch ties it all together with one final DLC push for the Zombies mode?  It’s hard to tell where they’ll go with the last installment.

One thing’s for sure, they’ve been teasing images that lead us to believe that we’ll be seeing some familiar faces in the next DLC for Black Ops 2.  We’ll find out soon enough, Treyarch is due to reveal more details about the mode in just a short while.


Black Ops 2 Origins Tease

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