Two More Amiibo Are Breaking Retailer Exclusivity In Next Week

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Starting with the third wave of amiibo that began to release last February, Nintendo started making exclusive deals with retailers to sell amiibo, which has continued throughout the last year. Starting a few months ago though, a number of the previously retail exclusives broke their exclusivity, and now two more are doing the same.

Last May, the Jigglypuff amiibo was released as part of Wave 4 in the US as an exclusive to Target. While Jigglypuff was well stocked at release, it was hard to find for awhile until it got numerous restocks in-store and online.

For those that missed out though, Jigglypuff is going to be available at GameStop starting on February 4 according to information from Gamestop’s computer system, which the Amiibo News Twitter has provided. Likely it will be available at other retailers as well, but for now it has only been found at GameStop.

While Jigglypuff isn’t coming until next week, it appears that the Modern 8-Bit Mario amiibo is also breaking exclusivity, as he has already been found at a few Toys R Us.

Modern Mario going non-retailer exclusive isn’t as big of a deal though, as he has continued to be stocked pretty well and you can even order him through the Walmart website right now for only $9.99. Regardless, it’s a good sign to see more doing this and hopefully others that are harder to find can do so in the near future.

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