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Two More Octopath Traveler Characters Revealed, Mechanics Detailed

Hunter and Thief characters, along with Noble and Rogue Path Actions, are detailed.

by Dylan Siegler


Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler is one of the most highly anticipated Switch games this year, but potential players still haven’t been formally introduced to all eight of the game’s playable characters yet. In a video that was posted recently, however, two more characters were detailed, along with some new mechanics being explained.

The new video introduces H’aanit the Hunter and Therion the Thief. It is explained that H’aanit sets off on her journey to find her master, who disappeared one day “pursuing a dreadful fiend.” H’aanit has the Path Action Provoke, which allows her to force NPCs into combat. This can be used to take on antagonistic NPCs who won’t normally allow the player to fight them, or to open paths blocked off by NPCs. Therion, on the other hand, begins his adventure when a client hires him to retrieve a treasure. Therion’s Path Action is Steal, which, as you could probably guess, allows him to steal items from NPCs that may not be available in stores or by other means to other characters.

The video also discussed the concept of Noble and Rogue Path Actions. There are some Path Actions in Octopath Traveler that are inherently Noble, such Tressa the Merchant’s Purchase Path Action. Others are Rogue, such as Therion’s Steal. Your ability to perform Noble Path Actions may be limited by your level or how much currency you have on you, but using Noble Path Actions will keep your reputation high. Rogue Path Actions can be used regardless of level or currency, but getting caught performing a Rogue Path Action may lower your reputation, which will affect how characters interact with you. You can increase your reputation, however, by bribing the barkeep to spread good rumors about you, but this obviously costs money you may not want to spend.

Lastly, the video detailed the usage of Side Stories in Octopath Traveler. Basically, Side Stories are side quests. What makes them interesting here, though, is that each Side Story can be solved in multiple ways, so it’s up to the player to decide which character and which Path Action they want to use to solve the puzzles each Side Story offers.

Octopath Traveler is set to release on July 13 for the Switch. You can watch the new video below.

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