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Ubisoft sees benefit in Xbox One dumping Kinect


Ubisoft is happy that Microsoft has chosen to unbundle the Kinect from the Xbox One.  According to CEO Yves Guillemot, “We are extremely happy… we think it’s a great move from Microsoft,” says the CEO.  “We expect the next-gen to grow faster thanks to that… and that will be a very positive thing for the industry.”

Despite Ubisoft being a publisher that has taken quite fondly to the Kinect on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, this is a company that obviously benefits when their big AAA franchises have larger install bases to appeal to.

The removal of Kinect from a new Xbox One offering goes on sale this June, and that should give Microsoft plenty of time to ramp up sales of the console ahead of a number of key releases for Ubisoft.

Guillemot’s comments come from a recent investor address, where Ubisoft revealed new details about their incoming Assassin’s Creed game, and Far Cry 4, which are coming to consoles this fall.

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