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Ubisoft thinks gamers are ready for an always online Xbox 720

| April 16, 2013

Ubisoft thinks gamers are ready for an always online Xbox 720 News  Xbox 720 PS4

The Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 may be the first consoles to require that users be connected to the internet at all times to use them. This has been a controversial point being discussed by developers, publishers, and consumers. It’s not surprising that consumers are readying their pitchforks at the thought of an always online device. Recent launches of games that featured similar functionality have been horrible experiences, that have left many persons plunking down their hard-earned cash for a product that cannot be used due to no fault of their own.

We’ve seen controversy stem from the discussion. Adam Orth, a developer at Microsoft resigned from his position after stirring the hornets nest with Always Online talk. His approach wasn’t tactful. He told consumers to #DEALWITHIT via Twitter. Others have made better points, and more articulately. Cliff Bleszinski, formerly of Epic Games and Gears of War fame told readers of his blog that he thinks the future is one that is always online, and that “Technology doesn’t advance by worrying about the edge case.” The “edge case” being persons who don’t have reliable high-speed internet.

Ubisoft has recently jumped into the mix. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Yannis Mallat spoke about always online, and how he thinks the world is ready for it. “I would say that a lot of people are already always online through other devices – I would suspect that the audience is ready.”

And while the audience very well may be ready to reap the benefits of always online devices, the downfalls have been too awful to ignore. Which Mallat acknowledges in response to the Sim City example: “The answer lies in the question – as soon as players don’t have to worry, they can only take into account the benefits that those services bring.”

This weekend we saw first hand what downtime on a network that people expect to be online does to its users. Now imagine you just paid $500 for a console that can’t be used because said service is down.

Always Online is just a rumor at this point for the Xbox 720 and PS4. There have also been rumors to the contrary. Rumors that say Microsoft has no intention of introducing such a technology to their next console. With the rumored May reveal of the next-gen Xbox rapidly approaching, and another dedicated PlayStation 4 reveal rumored prior to E3, these two companies should start clearing the air in short order.

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  • strong

    We just can’t get a break from these rumors -_- I guess I should just ……….”deal with it”

  • skapoo

    Lets cut to what’s really gonna happen, there’s gonna be an expensive model, and a cheap “always online” model.

    • strong

      I think so to, similar to what their doing with the $99 dollar Xbox with a 2 year subscription.

      • Allen

        At double the cost! If the 8gb 360 wasn’t enough of a rip off then $240 for just 2 years of xbox live sure is! $339 for the console and xbox live for 2 years and then $120 for a real hard drive. $460 for a 7 year old console lol

        • strong

          Did I say it was a good deal -_- ? It’s an option

          • Awesomegamerreviewpage

            I most likely see Microsoft doing this to pump up accessories sales. Like for example the wireless adapter the 360 had. It is an easy way to get the consumer to buy more

        • djmagnumb

          Allen check the Need for Speed article again.

    • djmagnumb

      I’ll end up getting the expensive model hands down.


    People are not ready yet. I think on 7 years on next next gen people might be ok.

    • mrhertz

      7 years ahead another IHATEHIPSTERS will say the same thing.

      it has to happen sometime, no matter people want it or not… NOW for instance.

      adam orth is right afterall : #DEALWITHIT

  • Body_landslide

    I didn’t hear about the ps4 having always online… WTF

    • chris9465

      It doesnt

  • Underworld

    Are there any benefits to ‘always online’?

    • no there is not its just away to keep U as the player watched 24/7 because there aswhole and want to controll your experince

    • mrhertz

      if you plan to keep gaming as it is, no. but if you plan to extend the usage to make gaming even closer to all social aspects we´re experiencing today, making games more connected with us in many other ways, its the only way.

      sometime evolution takes place and probably you wont like it…. you´re a kid but now you have to lawn the mow to make small cash…. then you´re single, marry and then you have kids to feed… then you gotta move to another city and leave behind your family, friends and dog.

      its evolution, happens all the time. better be ready.

  • bubba

    fuck no!

  • njb

    The Negatives outwiegh the positives.

    Its a nice idea that works on paper but it wont work in the real world at this point in time.

    When everyone has access to Broadband and at least 5mb connection speed then maybe yes.

    But we cant even manage to feed everyone in the world so I really think broadband for everyone will take decades.
    Its obvious why publishers lik Ubi eant an always online connection. Control. I dont like the idea of buying everything NEW just to be able to play the game to its fullest. I didnt mind a few games this gen cause they dropped in price in a few weeks.

    • mrhertz

      for gaming you wont need more than 1mb. which is totally outdated today. as for downloads, well, if you will download something, there are other networks that you can make use.

      ubi is already on since driver SF, isnt?

  • djmagnumb

    I’ve already discussed this issue with everyone on my friends list….32 people. If next gen is going to require an always on connection, 28 of my friends said they will not be getting a next gen console…including me. I won’t be gaming anymore. When my single player experience is getting dekcuf because of my yttihs internet connection, or because of the devs servers being screwed or going out…I’m out my friend. Not to mention if I buy a game from a dev and a year later they close shop and shut their servers down, now I have a useless game, even for single player. I’ll never be able to play it again. A good example would be what happened with THQ in recent months. Hypothetical situation incoming. Say current gen was always on. You bought Saints Row, Homefront, Metro, ….etc., in the span of 2-3 years. Well now THQ has to shut down and you have half a dozen games you can’t do tihs with…even single player. I’ll be saying goodbye to gaming.

    As far as no support for used games goes. Say next gen Xbox comes out or generation after next PS and it doesn’t support used games. You go buy a console and buy 1 game a month for the life of the console and it last 4 years w/o any problems then all the sudden it takes a dump. Now you have 48 games sitting in your house that you can’t trade in and were forced to buy them brand new. Now you have to go buy ANOTHER CONSOLE. Not only can’t you play those 48 games on someone else’s console, but now you have ANOTHER DIFFERENT console. Are you saying I’ll have to go buy ANOTHER duplicate copy of all 48 games to play on the new console? You see what I’m trying to get at? You’d have to buy all your games over again. And more than half the people on my friends list said they would not buy a console that didn’t support used games.

    • mrhertz

      and how many of these 28 will change their ideas when they notice they wont have another way? now people are saying they wont even buy metal gear 5 just because snake´s original voice (david hayter) isnt on it, or they wont buy the consoles just like your friends.

      lets wait and see these people changing their minds after seeing the real thing in front of them.

      • djmagnumb

        Changing someone’s voice in ONE game and requiring an always on connection for ALL GAMES on an entire console are so far apart from each other to even compare. Like I said I’m won’t entertain the idea of playing on a console that requires me to be online even for a single player experience. My internet goes out all the time and I can’t get anything better or faster than 4MB/s with DSL cuz I live in the boondocks. I’m not going to waste my little tiny disability check on a console or a game that even the single player campaign is going to have to be hooked into a server that if it goes out or my internet goes out I can’t even play my single player game. I’m not saying I’m an expert on the subject but if my single player experience were to start lagging I’m gonna start shooting holes in my wall. kcuf that.

        • mrhertz

          1st off i wasnt comparing anything, but stating that people say whatever they want, and in the end they always go for it. i really doubt your friends wont buy the new xbox even if its always on, or metal gear fans wont buy the new game just because of a “voice”.

          Second, in order to play, you wont need a single mb to stay on. So no need to go over 4mb. the problem is the instability.

          thats all what i wanted to say: people say whatever, but they change their minds easily.

  • abcha0s

    About always online – The world is ready for this provided it’s done right. It’s not that you are playing your games on a cloud server – the processing will always stay local. Rather, it’s a content delivery model. Think of this like an Apple TV (I’m not an Apple fan in any way, but the product has some merits).

    Imagine a world without Disc’s – We are almost there. When’s the last time you listened to a CD? Most people don’t even own CD players anymore.

    My concern is with DRM. Personally this technology drives me crazy and if the walled gardens are impenetrable, then this may keep me out too. I’m not sure MS and Sony are driving this though. The conspiracy runs deeper and is just another sign of a changing world.

    About no used games – If they average price of a game is reduced to reflect the increased sale of new games (it sounds unlikely but the market may dictate this more so than the developers) then your average investment into your platform may stay at roughly the same level. The case of a console failing is irrelevant. You will own the games through association with your user account. If your console fails, you will have the right to download and install all of the content associated with your account on your new box.

    Consider a scratched or lost disc – Now your really SOL.

    Everyone who cannot adapt to the fast paced change of the technological world that we live in will be left behind. The next Gen Playstations and XBOX will be around for 7-8 years and may well be the last platform console ever made as we know it. I for one would like to see it future proofed as much as possible and I’m willing to adapt as necessary.

  • ilovebacon

    $500 for a xbox 720 that is rumored to have always online and no used games. I swear if these rumors are true Sony you can have my money this year