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Ubisoft’s Leaked IP is a Roller Derby Competitive Game

With mechanics similar to Rocket League

by Alex Levine


We’re awfully close to E3 2019 and that means we’re bound to have some leaks in the coming days. Ubisoft appears to be the next one to be hit by this as images and details of a brand new IP have leaked onto the internet via ResetEra. From what we can tell, the game will be titled Roller Champions, and will have similar aspects to the popular Rocket League in what looks like an attempt from Ubisoft to enter into the esports market.

In addition to the name being leaked, a plethora of information as well as a video of the landscape came with it. According to the post, the game will be online-only, and it will have two teams with five skaters on each. They will skate around a roller derby track and will try to utilize some offensive and defensive tactics to score points for themselves. As for the video, all it shows is a camera panning from side to side showcasing two different roller derby tracks, one at the beach and one in a domed arena.

On top of that, it look like you’ll be able to customize your skater with special cosmetics, so be prepared for Ubisoft to introduce some sort of monetization into the game. Hopefully they won’t have any implications on the actual gameplay. Ubisoft is preparing for their E3 2019 press conference which takes place on Monday, June 10 at 1:00 pm PST. Roller Champions looks more than likely to be one of the newer IP’s they were going to reveal for the event, but as always, we’ll get the official reveal once they finally take the stage.

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