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Ultra Street Fighter IV Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Month


Get your fight sticks ready, Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming to PlayStation 4 next month to wet fans appetite for not only fighting games, but in preparation for Street Fighter V.

Announced earlier today by Gio Corsi, Director of Third Party Production for SCEA on the PlayStation Blog, Ultra Street Fighter IV will be making its next-gen debut on PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV will include all the nuts and bolts fans expect, characters, modes, costumes, stages all intact. It even has a bit of an improved input response as Gio Corsi mentions on the Blog.

“Also, a few of you hardcore Street Fighters out there said that there was minor input lag in the controls of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS3. Well, don’t worry: we’ve eliminated it to make the PS4 edition the ultimate version on any platform, so it’ll be good to go for all your tournament needs!”

Looks like PlayStation and Capcom are trying extra hard to create the definitive edition of Ultra Street Fighter IV. This will serve as a nice plate warmer until Street Fighter V finally rears its head on the platform.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is set to release on May 26th on PlayStation 4 for $24.99.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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