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Uncharted 4 Will Feature Return Of Plunder Multiplayer Mode

by Mike Guarino


Naughty Dog has revealed that a mode from previous Uncharted games will be making a comeback in Uncharted 4, and that mode is Plunder. The mode is set to be playable at PAX East this weekend, but a new trailer has also been revealed that you can check out at the bottom of this post.

Plunder is a variant of the traditional capture the flag mode, though it features an idol instead of a flag. Just as in capture the flag, each team will have to sneak into enemy territory to get the idol and bring it back to their turf without getting killed.

Some slight changes are being made to the Uncharted 4 version of the game mode, however. Where in previous versions of the mode the person carrying the idol was unable to traverse, that restriction has now been removed in the upcoming game. The player count has also been downsized slightly, dropping from 5v5 to 4v4.

At the time of launch, the Plunder multiplayer mode will be playable on the maps Island, Madagascar City and Rooftops. More information regarding the game is set to be coming this weekend at PAX East.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on May 10th. Check out the trailer for the Plunder multiplayer mode below.

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