Uncharted 4 Delayed

Uncharted Movie Is Going In Yet Another Direction

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The Uncharted franchise is one of the biggest in all of gaming, so naturally a feature film has been in the works for awhile now. The development process has had its ups and downs and now it has his another major snag.

Seth Gordon was previously announced as the director of the film, but now it has been revealed by The Wrap that he has left the production entirely, though no details were given specifically about his leaving.

If you read between the lines, it sounds like Gordon and Sony chief Tim Rothman may not have seen eye to eye on the way the project should be done. Rothman wanted to do the movie on a much smaller budget and thus has changed the direction overall, which seemingly led to Gordon’s leaving.

Heroic Hollywood’s source gave a few more details about the split, though they are more rumors than anything. According to them, Sony themselves were aiming for the franchise to be their version of Indiana Jones, while Rothman wants it to be more like Resident Evil.

While the Resident Evil movies have been rather successful, this is certainly not the path I would like to see the Uncharted movie take. It has a lot of potential to be a successful franchise, but it sounds like it is in the type of development hell that it may never be able to recover from and still be a good movie.

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