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Undertale Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

by Dylan Siegler


For those who don’t know, Undertale is an RPG about a child who falls into a world of monsters and has to decide whether to kill them or befriend them. Since the game’s release in 2015, it has gone on to receive a huge cult following. But you probably already know all this. Pretty much everyone knows the game and either loves it or hates it by now. Or rather, everyone either loves the game or refuses to play the game because they are annoyed by its often over-passionate fanbase.

Well, here’s some good news for the ones who love it. Soon, Undertale will no longer be just available on computers. At E3, it was announced that the game is getting PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita ports. The announcement came with a trailer that showcased the Annoying Dog’s canon voice, so now members of the fanbase can be miserable in knowing that their headcanons were wrong.

The game appears to be mostly the same as the PC/Mac version, save for a few differences. One of these differences is that Undertale for PlayStation will be available in Japanese as well as English. The trailer also features a different version of the song “Bonetrousle” from the game’s soundtrack. It is unclear at this point if this version, and other alternate versions of songs, will be in the game or if this version was created just for the trailer.

Undertale will be available for PS4 and PS Vita this summer and pre-orders will start soon from and the PlayStation Store. Physical copies of the game will come with “an illustrated story booklet.” There will also be a Collector’s Edition of the game which includes a physical copy of the game, the illustrated booklet, the game’s soundtrack and a heart-shaped locket that has the words “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER” inscribed in it as well as doubling as a music box that plays “Home (Music Box)” from the soundtrack. The heart-shaped locket may or may not increase your defense stat by +15 or +99 depending on how merciful or murderous you are.

In other news, a dog exists somewhere.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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