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Unlocking the Phantom Bow in Hangar 21 Secret Room in Battlefield 4

by William Schwartz


Battlefield 4 players have been unraveling an ongoing Easter Egg in the game for nearly a year now. The Phantom Program has been rewarding players with secret unlockables that has evolved as new DLC has arrived. Players have collected dog tags, camos, and other secrets by completing these Phantom assignments, and with the release of the Final Stand DLC the payoff is within arm’s reach.

This seemingly final stage of the Phantom Project unlocks the Phantom Bow, and quite possibly, other Easter Eggs that may be hidden in a secret Phantom Room hidden in the depths of Hangar 21. So how do you access this Phantom Room? It’s a multi-step process, one that has largely been figured out in a group effort by the Battlefield 4 Community. Spearheaded by forum participants and YouTube channels, the final secrets of Battlefield 4 are about to be uncovered.

Get the Elevator Working in Hangar 21


There’s an elevator in Hangar 21 near “A” that is unusable. So unlike other elevators in the game, it doesn’t have any way to activate it. Yet you can go in the elevator, it just doesn’t take you anywhere. You’ll need to find a way to get this elevator operational.

To get the elevator working, first of all, you’re going to need four people. Second, you’ll need to be on a ranked server. Finally, you’ll need to have collected the Final Stand Dog tags hidden in the new DLC. Each of the four players that are attempting to access the elevator will need to be wearing one of the new dog tags (each person must be wearing a different one). These players will also need to have the secondary Phantom Skull dog tag, and have the Phantom Soldier and Phantom Weapon Camos equipped as well, as per JackFrags, who posted the first successful attempt at accessing the Phantom Room.

Getting the tags can be tricky and time consuming, but a compiled list of Final Stand Dog Tag Locations has been uploaded to Imgur, and has been updated frequently as more have been discovered.

Phantom Room Force Field and Keypad

With those prerequisites in place, the elevator will be operational. Four players can head to the secret Phantom Facility. We know some of what’s in this room, through the magic of user created tools that allows players to cinematically explore all game areas, the Phantom Bow is in this room, as well as other possible secrets. However, getting to the Phantom Room still has a roadblock in place. The bow is still slightly out of reach, and a keypad and force field stand in the way.

At the time of this writing, the Battlefield 4 Community has yet to unravel this final piece of the puzzle and uncover the code for the Phantom Room Keypad.

Update: Password Discovered

A weekend-long hunt for the keypad access code saw the Battlefield 4 Community hunting down morse code strings on each map in the Final Stand DLC, and translating them into a numerical string. A large party of Redditors took to an IRC channel to unravel this mystery, all the credit goes to those in that chat room who put in many hours of collective work since the search began last week.

A single person can enter the code. To get the Phantom Bow enter 1290 429 397648 970 once taking the elevator to the Phantom Room.

Once the force field has been removed, all players can enter the room to collect the Phantom Bow.  There are also orders hidden in the room, which allow you to unlock the Phantom Operative Assignment.  These orders are located on the ledge outside of the room which holds the bow.  Simply vault onto the filing cabinet adjacent to a box with numerous lights and gauges on it and then hop up again to pick up the orders.

There may be other secrets to be uncovered still. A DICE employee teased the search parties following the completion of the code. “End of round? I don’t think you are done yet,” reads the tweet.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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