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Unravel – How to Make Your Own Yarny at Home

by Kyle Hanson


Unravel looks like a fantastic platforming game, but one of its main draws is its cute playable character, Yarny. The character was created by one of the developers at Coldwood Interactive, who used the character to pitch the game that would eventually wow audiences at E3 2015. Now, fans can make their own Yarny at home thanks to a video released by the developer itself.

It seems that many fans were interested in owning their own Yarny doll, and Coldwood decided that the homemade element of the character fit perfectly with a how-to video, rather than offering them for sale themselves. “One of the most fun (and least expected) things about revealing Unravel to the world was the love you’ve shown for Yarny. From the kind words to the awesome fan art, you’ve all made us feel wonderful. We never saw it coming, but it totally blew us away.”

The steps are fairly simple, if you’re already a do-it-yourself type of person, so check out the video below, or follow along with the steps provided.

You’ll need the following supplies: “Red yarn, of course. The bigger and fluffier the better. White yarn for the eyes. Wire for the skeleton…The stuff you want is called armature wire. It’s made for model making, it’s so bendy that you barely need tools to shape it, and you can bend it a thousand times without breaking it. You could order it online, or get it from an art supply store. Pliers aren’t super necessary if you’ve got good armature wire, but they can be nice to have around. Scissors can be good too. A paper clip is pretty much perfect for sewing up loose yarn ends. I used a piece of wire on the original Yarny, so I guess that works too.”

The rest of the how-to, along with pictures showing the whole process, can be found here. Unravel hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 9th.

Unravel: How to Make Yarny

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