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Uwe Boll Says Goodbye to Hollywood and F*** You to Everyone Else After Failed Kickstarter

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Uwe Boll might finally be going away after hissecond attempt at a Rampage 3 movie Kickstarter failed. In a final video update Boll goes into detail about his anger at the community for not supporting his project, and the various agencies that tried to solicit money from him to promote the campaign.

Boll has been rather infamous in the video game community due to his adaptations of various properties into films. Far Cry, Postal, Bloodrayne, Alone in the Dark, and House of the Dead are just some of the movies that he wrote, produced, and/or directed. All of these films were critical and box office disasters, with many being listed as some of the worst movies of all time.

Many fans of these properties wondered how Boll continued getting work on such high profile game adaptations, when his track record was so poor. The going theory was that film studios were taking advantage of German tax laws, which allowed them to actually make money off of poor performing movies, if they were made in Germany, which is where Boll’s studio is located.

However, Germany has since changed these laws, closing this loophole. While Boll has continued working on many films over the past few years, his movies haven’t been as high profile as of late. Instead he has largely been working on direct-to-video sequels, and apparently wishes to make a new movie in the Rampage series, which is based on the game.

Fans have seemingly caught on though, and are refusing to back any of his projects, despite Boll trying multiple times for Postal 2 and Rampage 3. This led to the video, which can be seen below, where Boll vents to his fans and the Kickstarter community.

Only time will tell whether this is actually goodbye, or just the director getting out some anger. For fans of video game movie adaptations this should be a good day though.

Uwe Boll Says Goodbye to Hollywood

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