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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Reveals More Information and Images

by Jose Belmonte


Japanese magazine Famitsu shares some new details on the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4, revealed earlier this week as a brand new entry that hopes to recreate the spirit of the original entry. The article reveals information about the two protagonists and their job classes, including the brand new Grenadier class, and also other heroes and the tank that is used by the Squad E of the 32nd Armored Ranger Batallion in the war. The magazine has also revealed some screenshots of sequences and battle gameplay.

Starting with the protagonists, Claude Wallace the leader of the squad who is in command of the tank. In contrast with the protagonist of the first Valkyria, Claude is a seasoned leader who graduated with top honors from the military academy. Riley Miller is the other main character of the story, and represents the introduction of the new Grenadier class. She is a genious engineer, capable to use ragnite technology to create powerful weapons. The Grenadiers are able to launch proyectiles above physical obstacles like trees or buildings. They specialize in long-range attacks, which means they are not as useful when the enemies are very close.

Other characters include Raz, part of the Darcsen minority and who always leads the attacks from the frontline, a fact that has gained him the nickname ‘Invulnerable Raz,’ and the respect from Claude. Kai Schulen is a sniper called the ‘One-Shot Killer,’ in reference to her impressive abilities with the rifle.

The development of the game is currently 90% complete, which is expected considering that the PS4 version launches on March 21st in Japan, with the Nintendo Switch port expected a month later. The Western release is dated for 2018. Check out more screenshots below.



- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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