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Valkyria Revolution Introduces General Maxim of The Empire

by Joanne Choi


Following the main heroine trailer, Sega introduced another character residing in the Valkyria Revolution universe. With flowing silver hair and a penetrating gaze, General Maxim is a member of the Rus Empire and specializes in magic acquired through a Ragnite experiment. Born and raised in the Empire territory, Maxim was trained as a highly-skilled solider at an early age.  As seen in the trailer, Maxim picks a fight with the protagonist, engaging in a duel of swordplay.  Dressed in noble military attire, Maxim can be seen wielding double swords during battle.  Itching for more? Players will have to play the actual game in order to dig up more of Maxim’s intriguing backstory.  Nonetheless, he looks to be a promising, charismatic character indeed.

An action JPRG game, Valkyria Revolution (known as Valkyria: Azure Revolution in Japan) is the next installment in the Valkyria franchise (2008) published by Sega.  Set in the land of Jutland ruled by the Rus Empire players enact the role of Amleth, a commanding officer. He and his skilled team assist princess Ophelia of Jutland in order to defeat the Rus Empire.  Previously, Sega revealed exclusive gameplay from a demo as well as various combat tactics like magic and weaponry equipment.  Fans were also presented with a new real-time battle system known as LeGION.  A dynamic combination of sword fighting and magic sorcery, the game will let players explore the extensive world of Jutland, journeying with fellow comrades to take down menacing foes and claim their territory.

The game is scheduled to launch in Japan January 19th, and will arrive in the West during the second quarter of 2017 for the PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One, respectively.  Stay tuned for more information on the Valkyria franchise!

What are your initial thoughts of the game so far? Name your favorite JRPG.

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