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Valve Console rumors shot down

by William Schwartz


There were rumors circulating that Valve may be getting ready to unveil a new console, and could be announcing as early as GDC 12.  Turns out they not only didn’t make sense, but that they were also unfounded and untrue according to Valve Public Relations’ Doug Lombardi.

Lombardi explained to Kotaku that they are indeed working on many of the features that were encapsulated in the rumors.  Steam’s Big Picture Mode is getting ready to ship, the company is definitely interested in biometric feedback and new ways to engage their players.  But Lombardi says “All of that stuff that we’re working on, but it’s a long way from Valve shipping any sort of hardware.”

In the interview, Lombardi didn’t completely deny the possibility of a Valve made console at some point, but it’s only a possibility, and not in any of the company’s immediate plans.  Valve usually plays its cards pretty close to the chest, as we’ve seen with their software releases over the years.

There doesn’t appear to be any Valve trickery going on here, “Whether we’re talking about Valve making hardware or partnering with others, nothing like that is happening any time soon,” Lombardi concluded.

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