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Vega Slices His Way Into The Street Fighter 5 Roster

by Damian Seeto


Capcom has revealed that Vega will now be joining the 16 characters that will be a part of Street Fighter 5 on launch day.

Unlike with Ken, Vega pretty much looks the same as he does in the previous games. He still has his iconic claw and his mask looks the same as well.

Although in Street Fighter 5, he’s wearing more clothes and is not showing so much skin as before. He can also fight in two ways. You can choose to play as him with the claw, or without the claw.

Using his claw he can do deadly striking attacks. Without the claw, this gives him access to more grapple style of offense. It also allows him to do more new moves as well.

Vega also has a V-Trigger special move in Street Fighter 5 called the Bloody Kiss. It’s an impressive looking move that you can see from the trailer provided at the bottom of this article. It looks “bloody” cool.

Unlike in previous trailers, there were no further teases for more character announcements. We’ll just have to wait later this year to see who else makes the cut. Three brand-new characters are yet to be revealed, while some other fan favorites are set to be included too.

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