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Vermintide 2 Anniversary Update and Free Weekend

Come celebrate a year of Vermintide with a free weekend and a whole new level

by Jordan Kamm


Vermintide 2 is celebrating it’s one year release day today, and Fatshark is throwing a huge party. To kit off the celebration they have announced that the base game will be 60% off for anyone who’s been waiting for a killer sale for this game, now is the time. In addition there is a Vermintide 2 Free Weekend going on right now. Try the game out over the weekend to see if you enjoy it, and if you do then purchase it at the discounted cost. It’s really cool to see the developers still keeping the community going, and updating the game in major ways even a year later.

To continue the celebration there is a huge in game event happening right now. A whole new map has been created for the event called A Quiet Drink, the characters of Vermintide have decided to venture into town to go on a pub crawl through the Skaven infested streets. Play through the level drinking beers so that you can have an in-game drink with the devs to cheers this huge milestone. In addition to the new level, there are chances to earn special portrait frame for your characters to show that you participated in the celebration.

Happy one year Fatshark.

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