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Virtual Reality on Xbox One Coming Next Year Claims Rumor


With E3 fast approaching the rumor mill is churning, and this year it’s all about new consoles.  While rumors recently surfaced that Microsoft would be releasing a more powerful version of the Xbox One in 2017, another new rumor suggests that the console will be capable of VR games.

According to a developer source who spoke with ARS, “a new VR game set in the universe of an established long-running franchise” is currently being worked on by a well-known European Studio.  The publication also claims that the game is being worked on for the PlayStation 4 and PC, which are both already VR capable or will be in the near future.

Microsoft on the other hand, has yet to announce any virtual reality plans of their own.  They have a partnership with Oculus, but playing VR games on the Xbox One as it stands seems like a longshot.  A more powerful console though, that could make virtual reality and possible Oculus compatibility a reality.

While these are just rumors at this point,  it is the second time a corroborating report has surfaced in just a matter of days.  Microsoft very well may be readying the announcement of a new console for 2017 — a console with the power to push virtual reality into more homes via a newer, more powerful version of the Xbox One.

Whether or not these rumors of virtual reality on Xbox One or a more powerful Xbox One console being released are true will likely be revealed at E3 2016.  Microsoft’s press conference takes place on Monday June 13 and this could be their show stealing moment.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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