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Warcraft’s Chromie And Medivh Set To Join Heroes Of The Storm


Blizzard has revealed the next two characters that will be joining Heroes of the Storm, and both of them are from the Warcraft series. The two characters are Chromie and Medivh, with both of them releasing by next month.

Chromie will be the first of the two characters to make her debut in the game, with Blizzard saying she will be added on May 17th. She will apparently be able to bend time to her will and will function as a long-range artillery mage.

Medivh won’t be making his debut until June 14th, and definitely seems to be the more intriguing of the two characters. Not only can he manipulate the battlefield with his Arcane powers, but he can can also place portals that can quickly warp him and teammates across the battlefield.

Blizzard also shared a new in development video, which shows off these characters in action. You can check out below.

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