Warframe’s Nidus Prime is Set to Debut in the Game’s Prime Access

It's a Good Time to be a Warframe Fan

by Aaron Nashar

Warframe has just today announced the official release of Nidus Prime Access, the return of Operation: Black Star, as well as the Revenant Mephisto Collection, all coming on September 8, 2021.

The plague-bearer Nidus Prime is set to return, this time in a long-unseen form and with a strain of infestation alongside the 33rd prime warfare release that is set to feature altered Mod polarities as well as a great offering of customization options. Nidus Prime, his weapons, and his customization options will be available for instant unlock on all consoles.

The Nidus Prime Access Pack will include 2625 Platinum, Nidus Prime, Nidus Prime Glyphs, Stun Prime, and Magnus Prime. The Prime Access Accessories Pack will include 1365 Platinum, Nidus Prime Syandana, Necramech Universal Skin, Infested Landing Craft Decos, and a 90-day Resource and Affinity Boosters.

Prime Access is a rotating program, it provides players with Prime Warframe that increases base, Prime Accessories, and Prime Weapons. It also includes discounted Platinum and other items. Prime Access is available for purchase to players who would want greater instant access to Prime Warframe instead of spending time grinding for it.

Operation: Plague Star

The popular Operation: Plague Star event is also set to return for a limited time only. Players will be able to rally together yet again to defend the Plains of Eidolon against the infested lifeforms before it’s too late. Ghoulsaw will be available as a reward for players who participate in the event, it will allow players to “rip through metal like flesh and through flesh like day-old pudding”.

Players who participate in the Operation: Plague Star event will also have the chance to receive Prime Relics in drops, which adds an additional way players could earn Nidus Prime in the game.

Nidus Prime Access is set to launch on September 8th, and Warframe is available for free download on PCs.