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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Chaos Wastes Launches Next Week

Venture into the Chaos Wastes in the next big Vermintide 2 update.

by Shawn Robinson


If you have yet to play Vermintide 2, you really should. Arguably, the game is the Left 4 Dead 3 we never got, featuring more enemies than ever, heavily expanded characters, and all the witty banter between allies you’ve come to love from co-op titles of the sort. It’s a game I’ve dropped a considerable amount of time into, and one I’d recommend in a heartbeat. With the upcoming free update, I don’t doubt I’ll be dropping a lot more. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Chaos Wastes launches on April 20, bringing more of that slaughtering goodness across a wealth of new content. You can check out the official trailer for the update below.

The Chaos Wastes update for Vermintide 2 frankly shouldn’t be called an update, rather it’s a large expansion with a ton of new content to check out. Most notably, it’ll feature a brand new rogue-lite experience, letting you build your team from the ground up to becoming serious rodent killing machines. That, being across 15 new locations – yes, you read that right, 15 – all throughout the Chaos Wastes. All of this, in your quest to reach the Citadel of Eternity, with its rumored salvation being more than enough reason for our five heroes.

Along with all of this comes updated versions of the content you’ve come to know and love. The Chaos Wastes update for Vermintide 2 will add brand new challenges, diversifying your expeditions and making no two runs truly the same. Speaking of which, current maps and future ones will be getting brand new modifiers in some cases. On certain runs, lands will be cursed by whatever evil inhabits it, changing up the battlefield and forcing you to think differently if you are to survive. The true question is, are you strong enough to overcome its challenges?

The Chaos Wastes update comes to Warhammer: Vermintide 2 next week on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can learn more about the update on the official site.

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