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Wasteland 2 coming to Xbox One AND PlayStation 4


inExile’s Wasteland 2, currently available on PC, is heading to both new-gen consoles.  Where Microsoft announced yesterday that the game would be arriving via its [email protected] program, today Sony has also confirmed that the RPG will hit the PlayStation 4 as well.

Wasteland 2 can currently be procured on Steam, and when it debuted back in September the game received a healthy helping of praise from critics.  A game that was originally crowdfunded, Wasteland 2 is certainly one of the success stories of the Kickstarter boom.

“Ever since Wasteland 2 debuted on PC, we’ve had RPG fans asking us to bring it to console. Thanks to Unity 5 and some extra time, we’re able to overhaul the game with really fantastic visual effects, upgraded environment art, physically based shading, add all new character models, a new Quirks and Perks systems, Precision Strikes (aimed shots) and new voice over work for some of the key characters,”said Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment in a press release. “And if you are backer of Wasteland 2 or have already purchased it on PC, fear not. We will announce great news for you later.”

The Xbox One and PS4 versions of Wasteland 2 do not currently have a release date.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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