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Watch Dogs Loading and Uplay problems have some buyers locked out


Watch Dogs is apparently experiencing a number of issues for some who purchased the game, on a variety of different platforms. A week after launch, some people can’t play the game at all, no matter what they try.

As evidenced by a lengthy forum thread on the offical Ubisoft forums, users are experiencing a number of issues. When the game launched, it was an issue with connecting to Uplay, as the service was overwhelmed by the traffic resulting from the massive influx of new users.

Now Uplay seems to be seeing a new type of error, a loading error which occurs after unlocking a Uplay reward. It leaves the player unable to load their game, leaving them stuck on a loading screen instead. Users have been posting numerous workarounds which involve cloud saves and trying play offline, but none of it seems to be a sure fire fix for the problem.

The massive thread on Ubisoft’s Forums has many players across numerous platforms encountering the game breaking issue.

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