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Watch Today’s Nintendo Direct Right Here

What will be revealed in today's Nintendo Direct?

by Kyle Hanson


The next big Nintendo Direct is almost here. Today at 5pm Eastern Time the Big N will unveil…something. Honestly nobody quite knows what’s coming later today, but we do know one thing: you can watch it right here. Yes, as usual there are a bunch of ways to watch the latest Nintendo Direct, including the YouTube link below. Check it out and come back to the main page after to see all the big reveals.

What will be revealed? What games will be announced? Will we get release dates for Animal Crossing and other big upcoming Switch games? Again, nobody knows. But the fun is in the speculation. Pokemon also has a big release coming up, so expect at least a little bit of info about that. And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate still has a few DLC characters to reveal, so watch for that, possibly at the very end of the show.

Give us your best predictions in the comments below and be sure to watch in just a few minutes as the Nintendo Direct begins. You surely won’t want to miss a single minute, just in case Mother 3 or some other big reveal is made out of left field.

Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019

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