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Opinion: We are Anonymous. Expect Apathy to our cause.

by Emma Pak


The well known folks at Anonymous are in a big tizzy these days.  Someone obviously has their panties in a knot…

“Sony. prepare for the biggest attack you have ever witnessed, anonymous style.”

Talk about some ‘fighting words.’  I was actually intrigued for a split second before they ended with “anonymous style.”  Sounds kinky.  Was it just me or did this line make you think of Snoop Dog too?  Who are these Anonymous people again?  I am not so sure, but they have yet to impress me with their current message.  I am only one guy, but their snoop-dog references, overly dramatic threats, and catchy ‘ops’ are doing nothing to rally me, or make me sympathetic to their current cause. My first tip to ‘Anonymous: Be a little more mature with your message.  If you want people like me to take you seriously, or even support you, try not to sound like a a putz.

Why all the Sony hate?  I don’t get it, but then maybe that is because I am not a butt-hurt Sony-PS3-hacker.  Anonymous can say all it wants about censoring and freedom of speech and privacy… but at the end of the day we all know this is the PS3 hacker community being pissed off that their illegal pirated games no longer work on their PS3’s.  Lets just call a spade a spade here.  I buy my games and do my best to support what I feel to be the good products within the gaming industry.  Anonymous, you do not have the sympathy of people like me.

by forcing social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook to hand over IP addresses of those who have viewed GeoHot’s videos, they have performed an act of privacy invasion.
We, anonymous, will not allow this to happen.

And how do you plan to stop this?  Good luck with that Anonymous.  Is it a privacy invasion to collect IP data on people who view, or who are in contact with people who view, child pornography on the internet?  Is using that information to help identify, arrest and charge these people wrong?  Do you have a guilty conscience Anonymous?  Are you worried that you broke a law?  Might you have hacked a game or two?  Are you worried that Sony may brick your PS3 or delete your precious trophies?  Those that are innocent have no reason to fear anything right?  Is this movement more about you trying to save your own hacker ass than it is about ‘privacy’ or ‘censoring’?  I viewed GeoHot’s videos.  I am losing no sleep.  Sony can have my IP adress, and investigate me up the wazoo.  I have nothing to hide.  How about you anonymous?  What skeletons are in your closet?

Anonymous, you need to take more care to pick who you get behind to support.  I don’t sympathize with ‘GeoHot’ or ‘Graf_Chokolo.’  When you can’t afford to pay your own legal bills, yet you can afford to go traveling down in South America on vacation… you get no sympathy from me.  Hell, having a PS3 is a privilege these days (Geohot had 4): if you have one, chances are you are not struggling to put food on the table.  Cry me a river if Sony took hackers to court for breaking the law by hacking.

Reality time Anonymous: Two ladies came to my door yesterday asking for donations for cancer research.  They were asking for money to help treat those dying with cancer, for people who can’t afford drugs that could extend their lifespan, for research in developing better treatments and a possible cure.  I gave them what I could afford to give.  GeoHot wanted donations so he can pay his legal bills without having to cancel his vacation down south.  You expect my sympathy to your cause when you support people like GeoHot ‘Anonymous?’  Really?  What a *%&#@d up world we live in if you expect people like me to give one shred of sympathy to such a ‘joke’ that I will not refer to as a ’cause.’

Now that we are in the world of ‘reality’ and issues that ‘really matter’, Anonymous, please tell me what you have done (as a collective) for Japan?  Just in case you need an update on the significance of Japan right now; they make your PS3’s. ;-)

Sony announced that they would be donating 300 million Yen for relief efforts.  They were also starting a disaster relief fund where they are collecting donations from employees worldwide. Sony will match any donations.

What have you done for the people of Japan?  Fight for their ability to play hacked games?  A few videos proclaiming your revenge against Sony ‘Anonymous style.’  Some website slowdowns, pissing off PS3 users (the only people with much hope of supporting your cause) by causing slowdowns of the PSN.  Well done Anonymous.  You alienated some of your PS3 followers with the PSN tactic.  Thanks for the official apology though.  Too bad Sony never gave you one.

This April 16th, grab your mask, a few friends, and get to a local sony store by you. Use the IRC and the official Facebook page to organize a protest in your area. Make sure the people know the injustices performed by this corrupt company.
Boycott all sony products and if you have recently purchased any, return them.

Don’t be surprised when April 16th arrives and no one shows up at stores to protest, and people keep buying ‘corrupt’ and ‘injust’ Sony products.  It is easy to be a tough guy typing at a computer when no one knows who you are.  Have fun with the mall cops, your masks, and so called ’cause’.   Sony has done more good for this world as of late than the the self-centered, self-righteous, privileged, disillusioned folks at Anonymous.

For those that actually have the balls/shortsightedness to go out in public and protest Sony… I hope you remember me, and I hope that you remember my words:

You have the privilege to own a computer.

You have the privilege to own a console.

You have the privilege of health.

You have the privilege of having food on the table every night.

You CAN make a positive difference in someone’s life today.

As you sit/stand/cower in the Sony store on April 16, ask yourself: What have you REALLY done to help people today?

You saw the hornets nest, and stuck your [email protected][email protected]$ in it.

- This article was updated on:November 21st, 2017

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