What is Fortle and How Do You Play? New Fortnite Wordle Clone Explained

If you're looking for a second word of the day to satiate that Wordle high, Fortle may be a good alternative, but only if you're invested in the Fortnite universe.

by Elliott Gatica


Fortle, a spinoff of the popular Wordle, has been making the rounds on social media. For those on Twitter who have seen the influx of people posting the green and yellow squares, you probably know about the word guessing game in any capacity.

For those who are mostly off the grid or somehow live under a rock, Wordle is a word guessing game where you are tasked to guess the correct 5-letter word of the day in six tries or less. The game will tell you when you get the correct letters that correspond to the word. Using the clues the game gives you, it’ll point you in the direction of the right word. Just this month, the popular Fortnite Skin website has created a spinoff of the popular word guessing game.

The game, called Fortle, basically maintains the same rules like the New York Times’ daily word game. It’s focused more on the world of Fortnite, so the words are more catered to things that exist in the game. It’s also stylized in a way that feels more like the popular battle royale title. The font used matches that of the font you see in-game.

The thing is, Fortnite has grown astronomically, using the property rights to Disney franchises, DC, Microsoft, Sony, and so many others. There are so many words that can be applicable to Fortnite, despite some names, where it’s basically a second Wordle if one word a day is not enough to stimulate your brain.

How to Play Fortle

Fortle is played on a web browser. Just like its original NYT counterpart, Fortle is played on the Fortniteskin.com website and can be accessed by clicking “Fortle” on the top right.


The rules of the game are simple: you have at the most, 6 attempts to guess the 5-letter word of the day. Upon guessing your first word, the game will determine the accuracy of your word by giving you three different boxes.

In this game, letters in the word you typed out that are in orange boxes mean that the letter and its placement are in the correct spot. Letters in purple mean the letter exists in the correct word but is not in the right position. Finally, those in grey mean the letter does not exist in the word of the day.

Since this is more Fortnite-based, put your knowledge of the game to the test! Past words for the game have been things like BUILD and MIDAS. The word for today was Slone. There is a possibility that there will be actual names alongside typical jargon for the game. With the many skins and outfits currently in the game, it’ll really test your knowledge of Fortnite, so why not give it a go!

This game is not directly affiliated with Fortnite or Epic Games. It’s directly stated so when starting up the game.

You can play Fortle right now on the FortniteSkin website. It can be accessed via smartphone or PC.

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