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What New Kingdom Hearts 3 Info Will Come From D23 This Weekend?

by Dean James


D23 Expo 2015 is starting up today and with that will certainly come news of many Disney related properties and products. One of those that has already been teased quite a bit is Kingdom Hearts 3, which we last saw at E3 back in June. With all of the hints of a possible big appearance at D23, what new could we get for Kingdom Hearts 3 this weekend?

When we first saw Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 two years ago, it was in its very early stages, but this year we actually got a pretty gameplay trailer that introduced the first new world to the game with Tangled. Soon after, we heard it wouldn’t be too long until another world was announced, so I could think there is a pretty good chance of that happening at D23.

If that is in fact the case, the question would be, what world? Everyone at this point expects the insanely popular Frozen to make an appearance, but would they already show off a Frozen world after just showing off a recent property like Tangled as well? I would think we might see something a little more classic this time, maybe even the introduction of a Pixar world like Toy Story.

While they have said that nearly every world in the game will be new to the series, it is possible we could see a reveal of a returning world as well. A new adventure in the Pride Lands based on the Lion King sequel or maybe a new Aladdin stage based on King of Thieves would be cool. However, I think fans would much rather see the announcement of a brand new world this time than another one based on Aladdin, at least to be revealed this early.

If they do in fact introduce a world of some sort, it would be smart to do like they did with Tangled and have animators directly involved with that property explain the inclusion, showing that synergy between Disney and Square Enix.

Another possibility could be the reveal of a new summon in the game that is not part of the Electric Parade ones that we’ve seen thus far. There are a wide variety of characters that we could see included with summons, with hopefully an even larger roster this time.

The biggest disappointment would be if they showed us absolutely nothing of note this weekend about Kingdom Hearts 3, but with this being Disney’s premier event in the US and Kingdom Hearts 3 more anticipated than ever after E3, it would be a very bad decision to not keep that hype train going.

Make sure to stay tuned this weekend and we’ll let you know when any new details about Kingdom Hearts 3 pop up.

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