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When Will PUBG Release on PS4?

by William Schwartz


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has released on the PC and Xbox One in 2017, but many are asking when, or if, the game will release on the PlayStation 4.  Apparently the release date for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PS4 will not be for “some time,” according to CH Kim of PUBG Corp.

Kim recently revealed that the game is going to be a console exclusive for the Xbox One for an undetermined time frame, but did give insight as to why it hasn’t released on PS4.  The good news is, PUBG Corp seems intent on releasing the game on as many platforms as possible.  Which means, PUBG will come to PlayStation 4 at some point.

While Microsoft scooped up this console exclusive, it’s unclear what type of financial relationship they have with PUBG Corp, but we do know that Microsoft Studios teams have been helping with development.  Regardless, a recent interview suggests that the real reason that PUBG made it to the Xbox One and not the PlayStation 4 is due to quality control on Sony’s part.

Quality control on Sony’s end is likely holding back PUBG from PlayStation 4

Since Sony does not have a Game Preview program like Microsoft does on the Xbox One, the quality requirements for the game are much higher to release on the PS4.  Kim says Sony is “very strict about this.” Those who’ve played the Xbox One version of PUBG can attest to the game most certainly feeling like it’s in active development, and early development at that.  Network issues, hard crashes, and other things are hindering the experience on Xbox One at the moment.

There’s no telling just how long it will take for PUBG to make it to PlayStation 4, but it sounds like the developers are going to focus on improving the Xbox One version first and then take those lessons forward for other console versions of the game.  With Kim claiming that he’d like to see PUBG on all platforms, that could also suggest that the developer is interested in a Switch version as well.

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