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Why Angela Bassett Chose To Be In Rainbow Six Siege

by Damian Seeto


Angela Bassett has now spoken out as to why she chose to be involved in Rainbow Six Siege.

The Associated Press had a chance to interview Angela Bassett more about her role in Rainbow Six Siege and why she chose to be in the game.

One of the reasons Bassett chose to be in Rainbow Six Siege is because she doesn’t have “much experience with video games”. She wanted to get the opportunity to “go another direction” and she seized it.

Another reason she took this role in Rainbow Six Siege is because she said it would be a “very strong look, as a woman and as a black woman“. She said women aren’t normally given roles like this, so this was “exciting news” for her.

The animation director for Rainbow Six Siege, Scott Mitchell, said Bassett was one of their top choices for the role. This is because they knew she could “deliver a strong, commanding performance“.

She said playing the deputy director of Team Rainbow in Rainbow Six Siege was “familiar” to her. She has played similar roles in the past in “various movies” she explained.

Bassett ended in the interview on a lighthearted note. She admits she doesn’t play any video games, but she did manage to play Pac-Man in the past.

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