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Bioware Explains Why they Didn’t Make Mass Effect 4

by Kyle Hanson


PAX East 2017 is off and running and one of the big draws for the Boston based gaming convention was a push from Bioware ahead of the impending release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Along with a dedicated space for fans to dive into the experience of Mass Effect, the developer hosted a panel all about the making of the new game. While the panel was full of interesting information, and we’ll be sure to summarize anything important from it, it began with one thing that fans have always been asking, “why didn’t Bioware make Mass Effect 4?”

“We wanted the original trilogy to end” and do something totally new, explained Mac Walters, Creative Director of Mass Effect: Andromeda. It makes a lot of sense, and fans who played all three original games will definitely understand the struggle that the conclusion of the first three games would give any potential sequel.

Mass Effect 3 finished with a big choice for players, allowing them to shape the future of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. How that choice plays out after it is made is still a topic of discussion and debate among fans of the games. And any potential Mass Effect 4 would have to deal with the differences that those choices would develop not only over time, but just in the immediate aftermath of the Reaper invasion.

Mass Effect: Andromeda deals with this problem by taking the ction out of the Milky Way Galaxy and into the Andromeda Galaxy,, giving players a totally new cast of characters in a brand new setting. This skips over the consequences of the final Mass Effect 3 choice, while also giving fans something totally new to dive into, as Walters said the team wanted.

Mass Effect: Andromeda hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 21st. Check back soon for our first impressions of multiplayer.

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