Will The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Add Cheats Too?

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Final Fantasy 7 is now available to download for iOS owners. An interesting thing is that it includes two new features that allows gamers to cheat. Will the proper remake follow suit?

If you download the iOS version of the game, there are two new features that allow to cheat. The first cheat allows you to turn off all random battles. You can roam around the world without monsters and other enemies interrupting you all of the time.

Another cheat you can use is gaining full stats. You can max out the stats for every character allowing you to beat the bosses easily. You don’t have to level up for hours on end if you play the game normally.

In my opinion, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake should not add any cheats. iOS and smart phone gaming caters to a different audience. These features will be helpful for them, but it feels cheap if they were included in the full remake.

I do agree that random battles is one thing that needs to go though. I prefer the system used in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV where you can see the enemies roaming around the field and you can choose to fight them or not.

Do you feel cheats ruin the overall experience? Do you also feel the Final Fantasy 7 Remake should add them, or leave out these cheats so players earn their way to victory instead?

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