Attack of the Fanboy

Win 10,000 Microsoft Points By Answering Trivia Questions

by William Schwartz


Microsoft is giving away enough Microsoft Points to Scrooge McDuck it up with your virtual self if you so choose.  A new contest has just been unveiled that will that test your gamer IQ, and give you the opportunity to win 10,000 Microsoft Points.  

The contest which is being held through the Xbox Rewards program will have you answering questions related to Xbox games, and in the process of answering correctly, you’ll earn entries into the sweepstakes for a 10,000 point grand prize.  The rewards program is also awarding weekly winners with 4000 Microsoft Points, as well as randomly awarding instant winners to lucky trivia players who complete the quiz of up to 1000 Microsoft Points.

Sadly this still isn’t enough for a Call of Duty: Map Pack, but who’s counting?  You can access the contest by going to a contest page, it’s pretty self explanatory from there, and you can play daily from now until May 15th for chances to win.  

On a side note, I’ve shamed my years of Halo playing by missing what the abbreviation of UNSC means.  What? It’s tricky.

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