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World of Final Fantasy Demo Is Now Available For PS4 & PS Vita

by Dean James


The Final Fantasy franchise has had countless spin-offs over the years and World of Final Fantasy is their latest. Set to release next week, World of Final Fantasy is definitely a different take on the franchise than people have come to expect. For those that have been wondering whether to check it out, thankfully there is a demo now available for you to try out.

World of Final Fantasy follows two siblings that are transported into a very different world where characters have a chibi like design. In this world are many of the Final Fantasy characters you have come to love over the year, such as Cloud, Squall, Tidus, and of course the polarizing Lightning.

Square Enix has been on the ball lately with previous demos for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, as well as the very enjoyable demo for Dragon Quest Builders a few weeks ago. Following up on the latter, they have now released an official demo for World of Final Fantasy.

This demo is currently available for both PS4 and PS Vita, which are the two platforms the game will be releasing on. The PS4 demo is around 1.3 GB, while the PS Vita version is only 565 MB.

Unlike the Dragon Quest Builders demo though, this different style demo will provide you with a special monster in the full game. As a result, I would definitely recommend playing through this demo prior to World of Final Fantasy’s release date on October 25.

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