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Even at it’s worst Nintendo is still best

by Bill Hess


Last Month Sony did bad in comparison to Microsoft, and even worse in comparison to Nintendo.  No matter what the conditions Nintendo continues selling truckloads of of their devices to consumers year in and year out.  In a holiday season that held plenty of new and exciting technology in the PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect, old reliable held its ground once again leading in sales for the year.

To date the Nintendo has sold a combined 81 million Wii and DS units.  For the last five years, noone has come close to reaching those types of numbers.  And of all of the gaming related systems sold in the United States over the past 10 years Nintendo is responsible for half of that.

This is of course on the back-end of the console lifespans for both the DS and Wii.  A whole new era begins in March when the Nintendo 3Ds launches.  And it’s not just the Nintendo Hardware.  Nintendo titles in this time frame account for a lions share of the software sales for the system.  And in 2010 more than half of the top 25 best selling games were on Nintendo products.

Source: Eurogamer

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