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WWE 2K15 vs WWE 2K14 Graphics Comparison Shows Huge Leap In Visuals

by Damian Seeto


Some people say the leap from current-gen to next-gen haven’t been so big as in previous generations. Well, the transition from WWE 2K15 to WWE 2K14 is one of the biggest graphical leaps ever.

The reason the leap has been so large is because the WWE games have been visually poor for many years now. The graphics looked decent in 2007 or so but then got marginally worse over time. I already expressed how the graphics in WWE 2K15 have changed so dramatically.

Now 2K Sports has released two new screenshots looking at Randy Orton in WWE 2K15. Randy Orton looks great and has never looked this awesome in a video game before. If you compare his character model to WWE 2K14 last year, you will notice the differences instantly. This isn’t just a difference in resolution as the whole graphics engine has changed. Making the game millions of times better looking than ever before.

It’s worth noting all of these lovely new screenshots for WWE 2K15 are from the PS4 and Xbox One versions. It’s being noted the graphics for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have new lightning, but the differences aren’t so large. If you are a huge WWE fan, you may want to save up for a newer console to experience the awesome new graphics.




- This article was updated on:August 9th, 2014

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