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WWE 2K16’s Large Roster Will Be Even Bigger With DLC

by Damian Seeto


A few days ago, 2K Games officially announced there will be over 120 wrestlers in WWE 2K16. This number doesn’t include DLC which is insane.

The official WWE2KDev Twitter page announced:

Just so we’re clear, the 120+ unique Superstar/Diva models we mentioned last week are all shipping with the game. #WWE2k16LargestRosterEver

This is a huge number as past games would have over 90 or 100 wrestlers including DLC. WWE 2K16 has over 120 wrestlers on launch day.

WWE 2K16’s roster could push closer to around 150 wrestlers if DLC is included. This will depend on how many new wrestlers join WWE or NXT within the next few months or so.

It’s possible Samoa Joe will be DLC in WWE 2K16. This is because he joined mid-way through the 2015 calendar year. 2K Games usually finalizes the roster for each game after WrestleMania in April.

As stated a few days ago as well, WWE 2K16 has over 120 actual different wrestlers in the game. There won’t be so many duplicate wrestlers like in previous games.

WWE 2K16 releases from October 27th for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Many fans are hoping the game is a huge improvement over WWE 2K15.

Only six wrestlers have been officially confirmed for the game so far. More will be announced very soon.

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