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WWE 2K18 Will Arrive This Fall

by Al McCarthy


Alongside a bevy of sales figures and one high profile delay, Take Two Interactive also revealed that they’re not quite ready to give up on the WWE series just yet.  In fact, WWE 2K18 will arrive this fall, according to the financial report from the company.

It’s not that the WWE 2K series is selling bad.  The latest iteration WWE 2K17 sold approximately 3 million copies.

In the product release schedule for fall 2017, WWE 2K18 is listed for what seems like its regularly scheduled arrival. With NBA 2K18 slated for September 19th, the 2K wrestling game will arrive on a date that’s yet to be revealed but sometime in the fall.

While last year’s game did sell well for Take Two, critics weren’t as impressed.  The collaboration between Yuke’s and Visual Concepts currently sits at a 69 metascore for the PlayStation 4 version with other platforms considerably lower.

When it comes to wrestling games that have the WWE license, 2K is really the only game in town.  WWE fans really don’t have anywhere to turn, so expect those same super fans to trot out to the mat and pick up the game again when it releases later this year.

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