Xbox 720 Release Date Rumors Suggest Holiday 2013

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Rumors about the next generation console from Microsoft are a dime a dozen at this point, and have been circulating among gaming media for the better part of a year. Today, a major financial publication took a stab at the release date for the Xbox “720”, saying that Microsoft is readying the console for a Holiday 2013 release.

Bloomberg’s Business Week says an anonymous source familiar with Microsoft’s next-generation plans, says that the company is planning to release the next console in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping season. The source also tells the financial publication that Microsoft has not yet decided on whether it will unveil the new device at E3 2013 in June, or at a separate event dedicated entirely to showcasing the new hardware.

The Xbox 360 has continued to sell well for Microsoft, with recent Black Friday sales topping 750,000 units. Not bad for a console whose successor is apparently right around the corner. Recent reports on Microsoft’s next console also suggested a hefty retail price tag once a release window is established for the hardware, a report which conflicts with analyst views on where the perfect price point for Microsoft will lie.

Microsoft has yet to comment on these new rumors, but their practice with previous ones has been to stress the company’s commitment to extending the life of the Xbox 360 with its Kinect Motion Controller and lineup of exclusive games and content on the system.

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