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Xbox boss says Diablo resolution was ultimately Blizzard’s decision

by William Schwartz


Despite Blizzard coming out to defend performance issues on the Xbox One, but throwing Microsoft under the bus, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says it was ultimately Blizzard’s call on what resolution the game would launch at.

Speaking with fans on Twitter, Spencer revealed Microsoft’s stance on the latest resolution woes for the console.

“I just thought we could get to 1080p. If Blizzard thought it wasn’t right for Diablo they had the call on what shipped,” Spencer said via Twitter.

Spencer’s comments come after an interview with Blizzard’s Jon Hight who revealed Blizzard struggled in getting the game running smoothly at 1080p.  Who claimed that Microsoft deemed 900p “unacceptable”.

- This article was updated on:August 20th, 2014

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