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Xbox One Controller Explained

by William Schwartz


Microsoft has revealed an “Insider Look” at the new controller for the Xbox One.   Major Nelson and Zulfi Alam explore the new features of the controller.

The seven minute video details the many changes that players will find in the new device, like the new rumble capabilities, ergonomic design, and changes to the d-pad among others.  The Xbox One controller also features a micro-USB port that allows the controller to be both a wireless and wired solution for gamers.   The Xbox One controller will continue to be powered by AA batteries, and while the design has changed to hide these batteries, it’s nearly identical to the power solution for the Xbox 360 controller.

While a single controller will come standard with the Xbox One, it was recently discovered that secondary controllers will cost $59.99.   We got a chance to get hands on with the Xbox One controller at E3 2013, find our impressions of the device here. 

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