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Xbox Head Phil Spencer Would Like To See More Devs Use Xbox One’s Cloud Tech

by Damian Seeto


Xbox Head Phil Spencer would like to see more developers utilize the power of cloud computing for future Xbox One video games.

Spencer tweeted: “I hope so, I’d like to see 3rd parties pick up the tech as well. Innovation moves more quickly as more games push what’s possible.”

This was mentioned mainly because of the new technology that was displayed earlier this month with Crackdown 3. With the use of the cloud, that game allows you to destroy an entire city like never before.

There are some limitations to it though. The cloud-based technology is only available online, so this type of feature might not work for an offline single player experience.

Another thing is the longevity of the game itself. If the game in question is tied to the cloud, it may not be playable in a few year’s time when the servers need to be shut down.

Still, the technology is in its infancy and it would be cool to see what other developers are able to come up with. Microsoft could help third parties develop a game if it needs the cloud in some way.

Right now, we’ll just wait and see how Crackdown 3 does with the tech. From what we have seen so far, it’s impressive to see all of the destruction that you can do.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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