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[Update] Xbox Live Currently Down For Many

by William Schwartz


Xbox Live service interruptions popped up again on Tuesday evening, this time affecting Xbox Live Core Services among other facets of the online network.  Purchasing and accessing content on Xbox platforms, along with things like accessing your account, creating new accounts and managing accounts are all things that have been affected by the outage.

Xbox Status updates from the Xbox Support Twitter claim that “Proper teams are currently working to resolve the issue,” as of 9:45 CT.

While some are complaining that they aren’t able to log-in to Xbox Live at all right now on social networks, we had no problem doing so.  Those with that unfortunate problem won’t be able to access things that require an Xbox Live Gold Account to use.

At this point no one is surprised at the recent outage, online gaming on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live has been more spotty than usual in recent months.

We’ll update this post when the network issues are cleared up and Xbox Live Status has been updated. 

Update: Core Services, as well as Purchase and Content Usage have been restored.

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